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Discover the safe, affordable and simple way to acquire Gold, Silver and Cash for 40 Cents on the Dollar WITHOUT making monthly purchases or fees.

No Monthly Fees or Purchases

A proven strategy allows acquisition of American Eagle Gold and Silver bullion at 40 cents on the dollar, fights inflation and deflation, helps eliminate national debt, and can produce a solid income with only $50 out-of-pocket expense. Most networking companies require a monthly purchase of product or service and continuous referring, not the case here.  No Monthly Fees or Purchases.

The Product Is Real Money

No more buying pills, powders, or promises. No more products you can’t even give away! Gold and Silver are the most legitimate products in all of Networking. Do you exhaust yourself trying to talk your down line into buying product each month? Or are you working for your down line because they won’t work?  Are you tired of wondering whether your Company will even be here next month? If you’d like to see an intelligent alternative to MLM…you can end your financial problems right here.

Rock-Solid Company since 1990

You have the opportunity to join the highest paying Company in the history of Network Marketing! The company that administers this program has been in business since 1990 and they want you to own gold and silver. Most people don’t even know about it yet! Gold and silver are products people can’t get enough. In fact, they are anxiously trying to get more everyday so they can retire. All you have to do is tell others where and how to buy gold and silver…and get paid for doing so.

Smart Solution

The Solution:  Market United States Gold and Silver Eagle Bullion for 40 Cents on the Dollar. People want gold, silver and cash and it will not be hard to get sales. Forget boring meetings and training sessions, you can get 4 people in less than a month by using Facebook, classified ads, solo ads and word of mouth; those methods brought you to this site.

imagesXMEMWFUM Gold Coins

Are You Ready to Start Earning Real Money?

Step 1: Request Money Book

Request a Contract to become an Independent Marketing Associate by clicking the Request Money Book button above. A contract and The Money Book will be mailed to you via U.S. postal service. This will allow you to sell AND acquire Gold and Silver for 40 cents on the dollar.

Step 2: Make Your One-Time Payment

When you receive your contract, complete and sign it. Then send it with your one-time $50 deposit to the address on the contract. $50 will be applied toward your gold and silver layaway purchase of $125 worth of Gold and Silver. Note: All transactions are discreet, private and off-line.

Step 3: Spread the Word

Take advantage of this web site to introduce 4 people to acquiring gold and silver for 40 cents on the dollar. When you get 4 sales within 30 days you have completed your goal. Take a look at the countdown clock above to see how many books have been requested in 30 days. The clock is reset each month.

There is no need to sale more than 4 Gold and Silver layaway contracts as 4 is all that is required to pay the balance for your first acquisition of gold and silver AND future acquisitions. This is where leverage and networking comes into play and the reason there are no monthly fees or purchases. The best way to get 4 sales is by talking with others, social media such as Facebook and Solo Ads.

images1KHGE192 Silver coins 2

10 Reasons to Get Started

  • Pay Day is Weekly

  • One-time out-of-pocket cost

  • Never spend more than $50

  • Never make more than 4 sales

  • Commissions up to $2400 per sale

  • No Monthly Purchases or Fees (no auto ship)

  • Cash Bonuses/Overrides up to $640 per sale

  • Gold and Silver are in demand (especially silver)

  • Potential monthly income in gold, silver and cash!

  • Discreet and Private Transactions for Gold and Silver

  • Now go to the Order The Money Book Page and request your book

  • You can Call John Jenniges 218-693-9101 To get started

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