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Gold and Silver, Yes You can Make Residual Income

Posted by on 6/10/2013

Residual income is money that comes to you over and over, whether you work or not.

There are many professions that receive residual income. The first ones that comes to my mind are recording artists, authors, and Insurance sales persons. They receive cash every time their CD is purchased, book is purchased or someone pays their monthly insurance premiums.

The residual income for most MLMs and Networking businesses is short-lived. Why? Usually because the product is a fad or no real product, the commission structure is not stable or the program is not easily duplicated.

A good networking programs needs some key ingredients to allow for residual income.

  1.  A product everyone wants and needs.
  2.  No monthly fees or purchases.
  3.  Easy steps that anyone can follow.
  4. Affordable to the masses.

My journey for those key ingredients ended when I learned that I could acquire Gold and Silver for 40 Cents on the dollar with a low one-time deposit. Naturally, I wondered how does this work and would I really get gold and silver for 40 Cents on the Dollar.

The first thing I did was read “The Money Book”. It is a 15-page booklet that shows you how to start your own business. You can offer gold and silver to others for 40 Cents on the dollar and earn residual income. I was so excited after I read the book, I couldn’t wait to put the plan into action.

I followed the steps and within one week I received my first ever U.S. American Eagle bullion coins. My only cost was a flat $100. No monthly fees. I also I earned enough to make a deposit on additional bullion purchases. I am now earning silver and gold bullion plus cash every time someone on my team of four makes a sale. Gold and Silver as Residual Income!

I thought back to what else I could have purchased with the $100. I could have bought gas, paid a bill, or paid for dinner for three. None of those options held their value like the gold and silver bullions I earned.

Order The Money Book at the Order The Money Book page

You can call me John Jenniges 218-693-9101


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