Real Money?

What is real Money?

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First things first!

Paper Currency is not the real money.

Gold and Silver are the only USA money according to the US Constitution. We have been dumbed down to believe that thee paper dollar is USA money. It’s time for all of us to wake up. Let’s put this is prospective. In 1965 you could take $2,500.00 green backs and purchase a brand new 1965 Ford Mustang. Now take that same $2,500.00 to your Ford dealer and try to buy a 2015 brand new Mustang, well I think you know you can’t. Now take 2,500 1 OZ silver coins to the Ford Dealer and I believe that you could still purchase that 2015 Mustang.

Let’s do the math       2,500 1 OZ silver coins x $15.00 = $37,500.00  

Below is a great educational video about how Paper Money came about.

I don’t know if you really took the time if you were ever taught what real money is and how to acquire it. No one ever sat me down and taught me, and the schools don’t teach it. Below is a very good educator to learn a little about what we, you and I are going to do. We need to change our Lives. So I ask you to check it out below.

For more education on how we are going to Change our lives I need you to go to the Order The Money Book page and request your copy.

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