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The Wealthy have always “Networked: and are able to increase their wealth by creating networks among friends, families and businesses. Private Gold Network has opened this business opportunity up to others because we know the power of networking and we want others to become wealthy too.

Why We Purchase Gold And Silver Eagle Bullion Coins

These coins do not depend upon their condition and rarity for value. Eagle coins are primarily traded for their monetary value. They are legal tender and can be seen and held unlike paper investments. More importantly, they can be instantly converted into cash almost anywhere in the world.

How Private Gold Network Is Able to Offer This Opportunity

Private Gold Network is associated with a “Private Trust”. Through the “Private Trust” we acquire Gold and Silver. The Trust utilizes a Direct Sales Network format to create volume and makes a small profit from the sale to businesses like Private Gold Network. Private Gold Network also utilizes the Direct Sales Networking to create “Volume Sales. This program gives you a safe way to acquire gold, gold bullion or gold coins while giving you the assurance of dealing with a reputable firm founded in 1990

Your Opportunity

Independent Marketing Associates such as Private Gold Network, sell Gold/Silver Eagle Bullion Coins, utilizing the “Direct Sales Networking” method. By applying this proven strategy, you can systematically accumulate large amounts of Gold/Silver Eagle Bullion Coins and cash. All you need is (4) customers in order to start earning as much as $39,575 in gold, silver and cash every 8 months. This opportunity is a departure from all those MLM’s, Matrix’s and Internet schemes that sell e-books, vitamins and the like. This is a real product with value.


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About John Jenniges

I come from a family of nine. I am the youngest. My Dad died in a very tragic farm acident at 57 years. My Mother past a year ago at the age of 98 years. I had my own business for 29 years and have sense let my oldest son take it over. I had as many as 27 employees in the boom years of the 80s & 90s. In my home town I was one of the first to have a my business on a computer and also I and another contractor in town got the first cell phones in the area. I guess what I am getting at is I always had the passion for technoligy. I also helped develope a Direct Expansion Ground Source Heat Pump, Which is patented. I have sence taken on this new career writing to this blog. My cell phone is on the blog for any one to call me at anytime. My real passion is the MLM Direct Sales industrie and writing about it. I am open to any ideas that you like me to write about. Thank You John Jenniges
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