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1. What is Private Gold Network?

Private Gold Network is an Independent Marketing Associate for a private company. We show others how to Sell AND Acquire Gold, Silver and Cash using a proven system and with No Monthly Purchases and/or Fees just a one-time deposit. All transactions are done privately and discreetly. No payments for gold or silver are paid via the Internet.

2. Does Private Gold Network distribute gold, silver or bullion?

Private Gold Network is a Independent Marketing Associate and we do not distribute or sell bullion, coins, gold or silver.

3. Do I have to pay a monthly fee or make monthly purchases of gold and silver?

No. There are no monthly fees or monthly purchases of gold or silver required in order to earn money.

4. How long has the private Gold and Silver Networking Business been in successful operation?

This particular Gold and Silver Direct Sales Networking business has been in existence since 1990.

5. What do I have to do to be successful in this business?

It is very simple. Make a $50 deposit on your first gold and silver contract and sell 1 gold and silver contracts to 4 people. You do not need to make any monthly purchases or make more than 4 sales. If you can do the aforementioned and your team of 4 do the same, you and your team will be successful. The goal is to turn your one-time deposit of $50 into $39,575 worth of Gold, Silver and Cash! See Illustration Page $39.575

6. This sounds a lot like a gold and silver lay-a-way plan.

A. This is very similar to lay-a-way except the balance owed for your gold or silver is paid from your commissions when you make 4 sales.

7. What form/type of gold and silver am I acquiring using this system?

You are acquiring American Eagle Bullion gold and silver coins which are legal tender and accepted in major investment markets worldwide. Gold bullion come in 1 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce, and 1/10 ounce denominations. Silver bullion come in 1 ounce denominations. Their value is guaranteed by the Treasury Department of the United States Government.

8. What can I do with the gold and silver I earn?

Convert your gold/silver to cash by selling them for 90 to 100 cents on the dollar (almost anywhere in the world). Borrow against them. Save them…they will grow in value. Accumulate them in large numbers and build your personal fortune.

*The United States government allows bullion American Eagles to be utilized in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

9. Do I receive physical delivery of the gold and silver coins?

Yes. Coins are delivered via insured mail to U.S.A. citizens.

10. Is this an investment program or investment club?

No. Private Gold Network is not an investment club. All associates utilize a powerful networking system created and administered by an 24 year old private company.

11. Do I need a Brokerage or Security license?

No. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that gold is not a security because it’s price (value) is set by an independent source: The London Spot Price. Furthermore, this business does not require you to carry inventory or deal with gold brokers or dealers.

12. Is this a pyramid scheme?

No. This is Direct Sales using a lay-away method and leverage.

Direct Sales – Similar to Avon, Amway, Herbalife in that you can make direct sales to consumers and/or earn commissions if one of your consumers makes a direct sale.

Lay-Away – In retail sales, deals with the purchase of goods on the customer’s promise to pay, over time without interest or carrying charges. The goods are retained by the merchant as security for the transaction. Delivery is made only on completion of all payments due. The purchaser makes a small deposit and agrees to a payment plan, being fully aware that he must make all payments in a timely manner or lose the goods.

Leverage – Black’s Law Dictionary (9th Edition) defines Leverage as “Advantageous situation where little cost yields high satisfaction and success.”

13. Is this an Internet Business and can I pay online?

No. All business transactions are made off-line and require a signed contract between you and the private organization.

14. Do I have to make a purchase to become an Independent Marketing Associate and to earn a commission?

No. There is no purchase necessary to become an Independent Marketing Associate and you have to make a sale to receive a commission.

15. Is this business open to other countries than United States?

Yes. This is a global business since gold and silver are global products and everyone can own gold and silver now with this program.

16. How can I get started?

If you are ready, click here and request a contract to become an Independent Marketing Associate to Sell and Acquire Gold, Silver and Cash for 40 cents on the Dollar.

17.  Go to Order The Money Book page and request the book

More Info Call John Jenniges  218-693-9101

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