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Turn $50 into $39,575 Gold, Silver and Cash

Posted by PrivateGoldNetwork on 1/2/2015

Note: You have 180 days to get your 4 sign ups

Unless you choose otherwise, you would never spend more than $50 because a portion of

Did you know you can operate from a position of profit starting from the first month?

This is how you acquire gold and silver for 40 cents on the dollar.

Lay-a-way – Place a deposit of $50 on one $125 “A” Gold/Silver contract; leaving a balance of $75.

Direct Sales – Your goal is to make just 4 sales; each sales yields a commission of $18.75 to pay off the balance of  $75.

When you complete your 4 sales, you can choose to cash out and collect $125 in cash or gold/silver American Eagle bullion coins or stay in the program and earn commissions and bonuses each month with no additional money out of your pocket.  Checks are mailed weekly.


If you choose to cash out you will receive $125 in cash or gold/silver American Eagle bullion coins. If you cash out you will not receive any additional bonuses or commissions but you will have acquired gold/silver at 40 cents on the dollar. You can always start again with another lay-a-way contract.

It Pays to Stay – Breakdown

Let’s say you chose to stay after the first month, take a look at the chart for the 2nd month. You can see it requires a deposit of $100 for the “B” Contract which has a face value of $250. You can pay the $100 deposit with no additional money out of pocket. Read on to find out how.

In month one you can earn $125 commissions from your sales and $80 in cash bonuses for a total of $205. Cash bonuses are paid to you each time one of the people you sold to makes a sale. So to recap: in month one you can receive $5 per sale x 16 people for a total of $80 in cash bonuses plus $125 in gold/silver commissions for a total of $205. $100 will rollover to pay the deposit for “B” Contract, leaving you with $105 in your pocket. As you can see, you have now earned back your $50 and more and are operating from a position of profit.

Residual Income

Choosing to stay in the program is smart since you can receive residual income. Your initial $50 deposit and 4 sales allows you to continue receiving ongoing commissions and bonuses without any additional money out of pocket. This is working smart and not hard.

Can you see how your one-time $50 deposit can turn into thousands with no additional money out of your pocket?

Learn more by contacting the person who referred you or get started Acquire Gold and Silver American Eagle Bullion for 40 Cents on the Dollar   John 218-693-9101

These figures are speculative and are for illustration only to demonstrate how commissions are computed. This is not to be construed in any way as a guarantee of what you will earn.

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